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visuPlus One
visuPlus One
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The visuPlus One for the iPad is a modern electronic writing and reading magnifier. It is equipped with features such as OCR / reading, contrast colors, gallery, voice-over and zooming in and out of files and documents. It is portable and ergonomic. Thanksto the foldable stand the device fits comfortably in a backpack. Equipped with the visuPlus One Mirror you can change the perspective from the top view to the frontal view. The connection with a distance camera is also possible.

With these features, the device provides helpful support in the office, at school, on the road and at home. That's why it makes everyday life easier for your customers - no matter what age and no matter where.
visuReal Pro
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visuReal Pro is our first portable iPad centering system that goes without internet connection. Matched to the iPad mini, it is as independent, compact and flexible as never before!

The centering system contains a measuring temple suitable for all types of frames (including children's and sports glasses) as well as a high-precision optical attachment and intelligent video centering software for the iPad mini.
Within seconds, visuReal Pro delivers all the important centering data such as BVD, FFFA, IPD, monocular PD, case size, fitting height, head rotation and pantoscopic angle.

You only take the picture and get the results immediately. Finally, you can send the data via e-mail and continue editing. With visuReal Pro you can center quickly and precisely and thus have more time for your customer service.
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This digital centering system is your solution if you value location-independent centering in your branch. It includes a measuring temple that fits all eyeglass frames, a high-precision optics attachment, an iPad cover and intelligent video centering software, and can be complemented with the monoPod tripod, which compensates for differences in size between you and your customers and prevents blurred images.

visuReal®portable automatically and accurately identifies key centering data (pupil distance, horizontal and vertical fitting data, pantoscopic angle, corneal vertex distance, head rotation), box dimensions, lens distance, diameter and face form angle.

The visuReal®portable centering system is compatible with all new iPad models. Per purchased software license , it can be used on up to 5 iPads within a branch.
visuSolution Humanware
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Since June 2017, visuSolution GmbH has been the exclusive distributor of the aid manufacturer HumanWare. Therefore, the high-quality low-vision devices from this manufacturer are part of our product range. These include e.g. the new electronic reading magnifier explore 8 and the screen reader Prodigi Connect 12.

The explore 8 comes - in addition to the typical features such as zoom, contrast and color settings and storage in a gallery - with an innovative, automatic change of perspective therefore. Thanks to two 21-MP HD cameras, seeing in everyday life, both near and far, is no longer a problem.

The Prodigi Connect 12 is equipped with a wireless distance camera, calculator, split screen, reading function and more. Perfect for the everyday school life of your younger customers.
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